RAM Career Connections

Frequently asked Questions

Question:   What are some of the advantages of being a part of RAM Career Connections?
Response:   Students in RAM Career Connections will:

                          ●  obtain career coaching from professionals in their discipline beginning at the Freshman Year to Senior Year;

                          ●  participate in internships, study abroad, and leadership development opportunities

                          ●  receive hands-on experience in their career field;

                          ●  learn how the three disciplines (communication, computer science, and kinesiology) interrelate in a variety of career choices;

                          ●  begin a start-up company that will solve a particular problem in the industry (case study developed by professionals in the field);

                          ●  acquire all the core competencies necessary to be successful in your field;

                          ●  receive a scholarship the first year of the program.

Question:     How long is the summer program?
Response:    The summer program is five-weeks; for summer 2017 the summer program begins July 7th and ends August 11th

Question:     What will I do during the summer component?
Response:    You will take 2 classes (Sociology and English) in addition to participating in career, cultural and leadership activities.

Question:    Is there a cost for the summer program?
Response:   Your financial aid may cover the cost of your tuition for the two classes. For summer 2017 apply for the 2016-2017 FAFSA.
                      If you receive aid for the summer it will not impact the aid you are receiving for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Question:    Are there any other costs to the summer program?
Response:   No, RAM Career Connections will cover the cost of room and board and the activities.
                      You may want to bring money to pay for any other items you may need to purchase.

Question:    How will I get around during the summer program?
Response:   RAM Career Connections will pay for your transportation for Program events.

Question:    After the summer program do I have to move off campus?
Response:   No, you will stay in the residence halls after the Program to begin your fall semester.

Question:    What events are taking place at the conclusion of the summer program?
Response:   You are obligated to attend the RAM Training Camp (HT’s Orientation).

Question:    What will take place in RAM Career Connections during the academic year?
Response:   During the academic year you get enrolled in two common-courses with your cohort of
                      RAM Career Connections’ participants (one in your major and a First Year Experience Course).
                      After the first year you will continue to have one course in common with your cohort and
                      participate in a variety of career exploration activities.

Question:    Can I be in RAM Career Connections if I am a transfer student?
Response:   Unfortunately not. The Program is designed for incoming freshmen.

Question:     Is there a scholarship for Program participants?
Response:    Yes, during the first year of the Program RAM Career Connections’ participants will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
                      After the first year, each cohort will raise funds to earn an additional scholarship and will be obligated to
                      apply for the plethora of institutional scholarships.

Question:   Who can I contact if I have questions regarding RAM Career Connections, Admission,Financial Aid, Scholarships, or my degree plan?
Response:   The points of contact for the above mentioned offices are listed below:

                          ●  RAM Career Connections – Dr. Rhonda Moses, Dean of Enrollment Management rmmoses@htu.edu P: 512.505.3030

                          ●  Admission – Mr. Jeffrey Pierce, Director of Admission jepierce@htu.edu P:512.505.302

                          ●  Financial Aid – Ms. Tais Andersh, Senior Financial Aid Counselor tandersh@htu.edu P: 512.505.6483

                          ●  Scholarships – Mr. Ambrose Price II, Financial Literacy and Default Prevention Coordinator aprice@htu.edu P: 512.505.6477

                          ●  RAM Connections’ Faculty Trailblazers –

                                 ○ Communication: Dr. Carol Adams-Means – cladamsmeans@htu.edu

                                 ○ Computer Science: Dr. Azubike Okpalaeze – odokpalaeze@htu.edu

                                 ○ Kinesiology: Dr. Carlos Cervantes – cmcervantes@htu.edu